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Visiting an exhibit, collection, or historic site can bring a subject to life.

When Adlai Stevenson died in 1965, the cries of loss from around the world were overwhelming. Political commentator Walter Lippmann wondered,

"Shall we see his likes again?"

Exhibits*, collections*, and historic sites* can help us better understand Adlai Stevenson and recognize his presence and influence today. They offer us the opportunity to see, and perhaps even touch, tangible remnants of his life story.

Consider a field trip to one of the following Adlai-related exhibits, collections, and historic sites.

McLean County Museum of History
The museum has exhibits on Bloomington, Illinois, the community where Adlai Stevenson II grew up. The museum maintains a Stevenson research collection in its Stevenson-Ives Library. The museum also collects campaign memorabilia on the Stevenson Family. This material can be viewed by prior appointment. There is a small exhibit section on Stevenson in the museum's long-term exhibit gallery titled Politics. AdlaiToday.org is a project of the museum.

Stevenson Grave Site
Adlai Stevenson II was buried in his hometown at Evergreen Cemetery, a beautifully maintained historic cemetery in Bloomington, Illinois.

Adlai Stevenson I Metamora House
Stevenson's grandfather, Adlai I, served as States Attorney for Woodford County, Illinois during the Civil War. His house has been preserved and is open for tours.

Adlai Stevenson II Home Historic Site
Although not open on a scheduled basis, the Adlai Stevenson II boyhood home features interior rooms restored to the period of his time in the house, 1906–1924. The house is available for tours on a limited basis.

Stevenson Collection at Illinois State University Milner Library
(Collection is located on Floor 4 of Milner Library)
This collection consists of some 300 items documenting the families of Jesse Fell and Adlai Stevenson II. The vast majority of the collection documents the life of Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, as Governor of Illinois, Democratic Presidential candidate, and Ambassador to the United Nations.

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The McLean County Museum of History
Bloomington, IL

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