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"A news habit is one of the best predictors of whether people are going to be involved in their community; whether they're going to vote, whether they're going to care. If you have a news habit, that interest gets renewed every day."

—Thomas Patterson, professor, Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, author of a 2007 K-12 study on the classroom use of newspapers and online news. (See the full Reuters article.)

Adlai Today can help classroom teachers motivate and actively engage students. It offers tools, activities, archives, and interpretations designed to help students develop a "news habit" and an appreciation for the relevance of history in today's world.

Bridge past and present by integrating study of Adlai E. Stevenson II's core ideas, the historic issues of his era, and contemporary issues and events.

Below is a list of Adlai Today's teacher resources designed to help you plan lesson activities and engage students in critical thinking and creative projects. Find overviews of all the main features of the site, including the Adlai Archive's and the What Did Adlai Say quiz game. See the Activity Starters for associated National Standards for History as well as themes from the National Council of Social Studies. Explore a wide range of research and teaching resources, including newly digitized primary source materials in the Adlai Archive. And check out Today's News from all over the globe — every day, any day!

Teacher Features:

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Activity Starters — Thought-provoking open-ended topics, each with associated National History Standards, which can serve as the basis for classroom discussion, individual or group research, or project-based learning activities.

Project Ideas — Creative ideas for learning projects that address multiple learning styles and modalities.

Discussion Questions — Questions to spark lively discussion concerning Adlai Stevenson's speeches and articles. A useful springboard for guided study of the articles. Each document in the Adlai Archive includes a set of related discussion questions at the end of the article.

Links — Links to Adlai-related lesson plans and teacher resources available from other online sources. Suggestions for creating inter- or intra- school forums, blogs, and other collaborative projects. Submit links to your own lesson ideas and other online projects to share with other teachers.

Ask a Historian — Opportunity for teachers or students to ask a historian questions about Adlai Stevenson II or to browse previously asked questions.

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