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Following are a series of "activity starters" you can use to bring Adlai into your classroom. These activity starters can be used to stimulate discussion, generate test or homework questions, or to guide student projects. The activity starters are listed in order from the simplest to the most complex in terms of cognitive processing.

Each Activity Starter addresses several of the National Standards for History in the Schools (developed by the National Center for History in the Schools at UCLA) as stated in the National Standards for History Basic Edition, 1996. Click the "National Standards" link below each Activity Starter to view the specific National History Standards addressed in the activity.

U.S. History — Postwar Period

Activity Starter 1:
National Standards
  The period of greatest political prominence in Adlai's life was the postwar period from 1945 until his death in 1965. Identify 10 major issues in the U.S. occurring during that time.
Activity Starter 2:
National Standards
  Describe Adlai's position on one of the major issues of the postwar period. Identify the principle(s) on which Adlai would have based his position.
Activity Starter 3:
National Standards

Choose one of the major issues in the postwar period and describe:

  • The current state of affairs regarding this issue
  • The history of this issue for the past 40-50 years
Activity Starter 4:
National Standards

Describe the main influences that have directed the history of one major postwar United States issue over the past 40-50 years. Consider:

  • Influential people
  • Influential ideas
  • Key events
Activity Starter 5:
National Standards
  Choose a major issue of the postwar period and hypothesize what might have been different if Adlai had been elected president in 1952 and 1956.

See the Project Ideas section under Teacher Features for a wealth of ideas for products students can design, write, or perform to demonstrate their knowledge, thoughts, and reflection on these Activity Starter topics.

The Discussion Questions associated with each Archive article can also be used as activity starters.


For Teachers > Activity Starters | Project Ideas | Discussion Questions | Links | Ask a Historian
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