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Below are just a few examples of student products that could result from the Activity Starters or the Discussion Questions. Many of these would be appropriate for gifted student activities, as well as for accommodating multiple learning modalities.

The Adlai Quotes, Adlai's Life, and Resources sections of this site, as well as any of the primary sources in the Adlai Archive, are an excellent source of material for oral, written, and visual projects.

Speaking/Performance-Related Activities

  • Whole class discussion
  • Small group discussion
  • Speech
  • Class debate
    • e.g., Select a topic, such as isolationism, wherein one side would represent Adlai's viewpoint and one would represent an opposing view
  • Performance
    • e.g., Dress like Adlai or his contemporaries and perform a monologue or skit.
  • Game Show
    • e.g., Adapt the What Did Adlai Say? online quiz into a live classroom game activity.

Writing and Technology-Related Activities

  • Research paper
  • I-Search project
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Brochure/pamphlet
    • e.g., Imagine it is 1952 or 1956: Create an election pamphlet promoting Adlai Stevenson or one of his opponents.
  • Website
  • Create a timeline
  • Class or school newspaper articles
  • Journal writing
  • Write your own story or article from the perspective of Adlai Stevenson II.
  • Create a test or quiz complete with answer key.

Art-Related Activities

  • Poster
    • e.g., Select a one of the concepts from Adlai's Core Ideas or an Adlai quote and create a poster that interprets it, integrating its historic context and illustrations
  • Collage
    • e.g., Showcase past and present news headlines on a selected topic
  • Scrapbook containing photos, articles, reflections, etc.
    • e.g., Create a scrapbook focused on one of Adlai's Core Ideas.
    • e.g., Create a scrapbook of "primary sources" that tell about yourself.
  • Symbolic or metaphoric 3-D model
  • Political cartoon
  • Postcard
  • Board game
    • e.g., make board, playing pieces, write rules for playing the game

Want something more?

Combine any or all of these ideas and showcase students' work in an Adlai E. Stevenson II History Fair. Invite families or other classes to submit their own projects, or partner with another school for an even larger event.


For Teachers > Activity Starters | Project Ideas | Discussion Questions | Links | Ask a Historian
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