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Adlai Stevenson welcomed differing opinions. He appreciated hearing multiple perspectives.

Stevenson believed in the United Nations, where multiple perspectives were shared. He had empathy when dealing with other nations and peoples. He was always willing to listen to the other side, even those who expressed anti-Western or anti-American opinions.

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"Will India Turn Communist" (Look magazine article)

Excerpt: " seems to me far more important for India to strengthen her fledgling democracy than to proclaim her allegiance to 'our side' in foreign affairs. For a healthy democracy, even in a 'neutralist' India, will be a stronger bulwark against communism in Asia than a shaky, uncertain state—no matter how loudly pro-American or anti-Communist its leaders speak."
(July 14, 1953)

Background: In the spring of 1953, Stevenson embarked on a five-month world tour through thirty-five countries. Look, a weekly photo magazine, commissioned the former presidential candidate to write a series of articles about world hot spots. He visited Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Israel, Yugoslavia, West Germany, and made many stops in between. Stevenson's traveling party arrived in Calcutta (today called Kolkata), India on April 28 and remained in the country through May 14. This trip occurred at a time when nations and peoples were throwing off the shackles of colonization. India had become the most populous democracy in the world....

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