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Like speeches and articles, photographs are a type of primary source* used by historians. They tell us something about the past through pictures rather than words. Some photos capture a slice of life; others are a posed moment marking a particular event. When you look at historic photos, ask questions* about it, examine the details, consider its historic context.

Following is a list of downloadable photographs contained in the Adlai Today Archive, that can be used for history research and education purposes. Many of these photos are also available throughout the Adlai Today website.

Photographs from Adlai's hometown newspaper, the Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL (used with permission)

• 1949, February 11 - Governor Adlai Stevenson visiting a farmer

• 1949, February 11 - Governor Adlai Stevenson speaking outside the McLean County Courthouse

• 1949, February 29 - Governor Adlai Stevenson speaking, Normal, Illinois

• 1950, May 30 - Adlai Stevenson II beside the Stevenson-Scott family grave stone

• 1950, September 23 - Governor Stevenson addressing Democrat Day crowd at Miller Park

• 1950, May 29 - Governor Adlai Stevenson, Memorial Day 1950

• 1952, July 28 - Crowd gathered for Adlai Stevenson at the McLean County Courthouse

• 1952, July 28 - Adlai Stevenson II makes a stop in Bloomington, Illinois during his whistle-stop campaign tour

Photographs from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL (used with permission)

• 1902 - Adlai Stevenson II at age 2.

• 1905-1908, est. - Adlai E. Stevenson II as a boy, flying a kite.

• 1907 - A letter and drawing by Adlai Stevenson II when he was a young boy

• 1922 - Adlai graduates from Princeton University

• 1948 - Adlai with his wife, Ellen Waller Borden

• 1948-1953, est. - Governor Adlai Stevenson II meeting with his staff

• 1952 - Democratic National Convention

• 1952, July - Guest ticket for the 1952 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, IL

• 1952, September 1 - Adlai Stevenson II speaks to a Labor Day crowd in Detroit

• 1952, October 28 - New York Post front page

• 1952, November - Campaign brochure featuring candidate Adlai E. Stevenson II (front and back panels)

• 1953 - Adlai Stevenson II visits China during his five-month tour of thirty-five nations

• 1953 - Adlai Stevenson II visits India during his five-month tour of thirty-five nations.

• 1956, August - Democratic National Convention. Adlai Stevenson II begins his second run for president.

• 1961 - Adlai Stevenson II as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, speaking at a UN gathering

• 1961, October 31 - Adlai Stevenson at the United Nations

• 1965, July - Funeral motorcade outside the U.S. Embassy in London

• 1960-1965, est. - Adlai E. Stevenson II celebrating his birthday with Eleanor Roosevelt.

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